Allison Romero, Doctor of Physical Therapy & Clinical Specialist in Pelvic Health


I sought a doctoral degree in physical therapy because the human body has always been a source of fascination for me. Shortly after beginning my career as an orthopedic physical therapist, I began extensive post-graduate studies to specialize in issues specific to the pelvis. As a clinical specialist in pelvic health, I have the opportunity to help men and women enjoy healthy lifestyles, relationships, pregnancies and beyond. With comprehensive pelvic physical therapy treatments, we can challenge pelvic floor dysfunction and work to get you back on track. Through an integrative plan of care, I am confident that together we can meet your goals. 

My hobbies include yoga, hiking, and an occasional TV binge watching session. Most of all, I cherish time with my husband, Abel, and daughter, Piper.





  • California Board Certified Physical Therapist
  • Doctor of Physical Therapy, University of Southern California
  • Bachelor of Science, Exercise Science, Sonoma State University

Professional Affiliations

  • American Physical Therapy Association-Section on Women’s Health
  • International Pelvic Pain Society

What Colleagues Are Saying:

"As a healthcare provider, it is important that I have excellent referrals for all of my patients. Allison is kind, professional and an exceptional pelvic physical therapist. She is truly the best. Allison has taught me that pain isn't something that you need to live with. She has also taught me that working together can yield lasting results. She really cares. I can't recommend her enough."

Dr. Jamie Hampton DAOM, L.Ac.

"Working with Allison was a learning experience for many in the community, myself included. I first met Allison at an educational forum for anal cancer survivors and patients and was immediately struck by her ability to clearly articulate and convey many of the concerns of the new reality individuals facing life after pelvic radiation experience. She shared information, strategies, and approaches to pelvic care that were new to many of us in the audience. 

Because of Allison’s extreme breadth of knowledge, our organization asked her to contribute written content for our website and participate in an online educational forum. We received feedback from individuals who viewed the online educational forum that Allison’s presentation was not only informative, but a transformational moment during their cancer experience because they were provided knowledge and skill building activities about which they had not previously known. Her presentations were empowering for those who have felt lost after pelvic radiation.

Allison’s knowledge and expertise provided the [anal cancer] community with invaluable information. She approaches her work with compassion and care and was a tremendous source of insight in working with the organization."

Kassandra Samman, Former Director of Patient Services and External Relations

The HPV and Anal Cancer Foundation