“Allison is a true gem.” I suffered from back pain for years and the cause/source eluded many talented and highly-recommended physical therapists, doctors, acupuncturists and bodyworkers in SF. Allison not only figured it all out but helped me make tremendous progress- to the point where I was prepared for a second pregnancy. With her work and support my back pain was kept at bay throughout the whole pregnancy. She is whip-smart, completely professional and knowledgeable well beyond her years. Her bodywork is expert, intuitive and truly therapeutic. 

-Erica N.

“ I learned about an area of physical therapy that I didn't know existed." When I first showed up for PT to try to address the vaginismus that made this part of my life pretty unhappy, I had seen a [prior] physical therapist who specialized in women's pelvic floor issues but her services didn't change my problem. The kind of PT done by Allison, was far more sophisticated and intensive than what [I had previously experienced]. I encourage anyone who is suffering with the limits and shame of vaginal dysfunction to pursue this treatment and take charge of your body and life, rather than throw in the towel. 


"My experience with Allison Romero was stellar, she made potentially awkward visits so comfortable and easy. She has taught me a lot about the workings of my pelvis and has helped me immensely. My pelvic floor concerns have greatly improved with her expertise, kindness, and positive support."


Allison is an incredibly talented, caring, and knowledgeable pelvic floor PT, and I I feel incredibly grateful to have met her.Quite frankly, she helped give me 'my life' back, as by the time I came into her office, I was in terrible pain all the time - unable to perform many of even the most basic day-to-day activities (walking, sitting, sex, putting on pants, any form of exercise, etc.) without meaningful pain or discomfort. 

As a male in my early-30's, I had been searching in vain for over 12 months across a litany of medical professionals (osteopaths, traditional PTs, acupuncture, urologists), all of whom either dismissed my symptoms, couldn't accurately diagnose my condition, or couldn't provide any lasting help to me from their treatments. 

In our first meeting, Allison was able to immediately diagnose the reasons for my pelvic floor pain, answer all my questions, and provide me a clear road-map of how I could get get better. Most importantly, her empathetic and confident demeanor eased my fear that I was doomed to a life of pain, and she gave me hope for the first time in over a year.

Recovering from chronic pelvic pain can be a long and challenging process. It is natural for setbacks, flare-ups, and periods of limited improvement to be a regular part of the healing process. It can be a complex issue that requires the patient to view the issue holistically; to integrate pelvic floor PT alongside of addressing the impact of stressors and how thoughts about pain can all drive (or reduce) symptoms. 

Throughout our working relationship, Allison was was the epitome of a true 'partner' in the healing process: supportive, informative, open-minded, and challenging. She was quick to provide me resources and readings to better understand these holistic issues, as well as provided encouragement and suggestions of additional practitioners (pain psychologists, yoga instructors, etc.) who could complement our PT sessions. 

So much of my progress and improvement to-date is a direct a result of meeting Allison, I'm extremely grateful for her care, and I wholeheartedly recommend her to any person looking for relief from pelvic pain symptoms."

-Male, Age 35

My overall experience with Allison has been nothing short of perfection! I sought out Allison after I had my first child due to my inability to walk. I was diagnosed with transient osteoporosis in my 3rd trimester and was confined to a walker for the last month of my pregnancy. When I met Allison she was the first person to acknowledge what I was going through and was sympathetic. My very own OBGYN did not understand what kind of pain I was going through and kept trying to give me pain medications and refer me to psychologists. All I needed was my legs back! So through my frustrations I found Allison, and within 2 months or so I was walking normal and pain free! I also went through a lot of pain during intercourse postpartum, and through guidance from Allison and a couple of sessions that too was reversed. The lady is a miracle worker! I have since learned to relax, stretch, and use the exercises I have learned to overcome my barriers. Thank you Allison!"



"I started seeing Allison for chronic pelvic pain over a year ago. She has been an absolute delight - checks in on me, listens carefully when I tell her my symptoms, and has done outside research to try and help me diagnose what is wrong. She has also gone out of her way to ensure I’m comfortable, given the sensitive nature of our visits. I would recommend her time and time again." 

- Sasha V.